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>> john: finally tonight. president obama's chief of speech writing jon favreau announced earlier this week that he is giving up politics for the silver screen. not acting, though he has been named unone of the sexist people on the planet it will be screen writing which got some people thinking just how that might turn out. >> president obama's chief speech writer is leaving the white house to pursue a career as a hollywood screenwriter. >> whoa. >> we actually got a claim of his first movie. to be honest it, still seems like is he in speech-writing mode. take a look at this. ♪ from r. >> it's great to be here in columbus, ohio. [ laughter ] >> look, over the past two years, i have signed into law $1.4 trillion in spending cuts. [ laughter ] >> and closed tax loop loopholes to make sure top earning americans pay their fair share.
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>> the fact is though, we can't finish the job deficit reduction through spending cuts alone. >> yes, we can. [ laughter ] >> we can. >> john: now, that is romance. before we go tonight. one more look at the radar on the scene from boston as the huge storm is getting ready to wrap you up. expected to dump as much as 3-foot of snow in massachusetts and new england. we at fox will be watching this closely. we have complete coverage for you this evening and again tomorrow as new england starts to dig out. that's it for "special report" for tonight. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. good night from washington. "the fox report" is next. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, pictures from massachusetts. waves crashes as a major winter storm moves into the northeast. plus, any minute now we're expecting law enforcement to updates us on this manget the manhunt for this excop accused of killing three people and promising to kill many more.
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we will bring that to you live. plus, the secret service looking into who apparently got into the email accounts of the bush family. but first from fox this friday night. a winter weather alert. and a potential record-breaking blizzard. now causing havoc in the northeast. here's a look at boston coming here. can you see how hard the wind is blowing already. officials have activated hundreds of national guard troops and airmen all across the region to help with what could be the biggest storm some areas have seen in more than 30 years. it's hitting over a wide swath. pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, connecticut, maine, new hampshire, rhode island, vermd. and, of course, the worst of it all in massachusetts. where first alert forecasters say up to 3 feet of snow could fall. that would shatter all records. we are also expecting wind gusts around hurricane force. 75 miles per hour. and as if that weren't bad enough. we are looking at a very dangerous storm surge.
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>> we're concerned along the coast of high titled surges, particularly saturday morning, it's going to be a tough surge. >> and, again, a live look in boston. people all across the northeast have been stocking up on supplies and making preparations in case they lose power. widespread power outages are predicted. state and national leaders all have a similar message today. >> do yourself and the state a favor and then stay off the highways. >> stay off the city streets. >> if you don't have to drive, please remain home. >> the rate of snowfall and reduced visibility during the evening rush hour in particular, will make safe travel nearly impossible. >> in fact, governor patrick of massachusetts has banned all traffic from the roads as of three hours ago. this video from before that order took effect is believed to be the first statewide driving ban since 1978. break it, and you risk a $500 fine. trains are not much of an option in the heavily traveled northeast either. amtrak suspending much of its
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northeast rail service today. and if you are trying to fly, two or from anywhere in this region, as new yorkers would say forgeta about it. airlines have canceled thousands of flights for today and tomorrow. here is what it looks like right now right around the corner in times square, new york. we are in a bit of a lull right now as predicted. they are expecting it to hit full force about an hour from now. after that first alert forecasters say we could see one to two inches of snow per hour all night long. other areas could see a rate 2 to 3 times that we're told. and to really appreciate the size of this blizzard. take a look at it from space. that long swath, the curving thing on the left. that's the artic storm coming. in and the one on the right, that's swirling and kind of looks like a hurricane, that's the one that's brought all the gulf moisture. when they slam into each other. that's snow pock apocalypse. distance from 22,000 miles. can you see the system
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colliding to produce what we just said and 44 million people are in the way. we have team fox coverage. january than hunt live in lower manhattan. first let's get to rick reichmuth in the fox exexcept
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the far eastern tip of long island where that is all about to change. then we remain all know all night long, about 5:00 in the morning we clear things out towards new york city. but we remain all snow up towards boston until around afternoon hours tomorrow. take a look at how cold it is behind us though. temps are going to be so cold in places like new york and long island had that very thick layer of slush on the ground before. well, that's all going to freeze and we have got a very rough one for most of the day tomorrow where we don't get above freezing. tomorrow night temps are going to be down right cold for most in the single digits. low teens. all of that is going to continue to freeze, shep.
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>> shepard: what are you predicting for accumulations, rick? >> it hasn't changed a whole lot. the boston area two foot total by the one is done. we are still saying around 7 to 8-inch or so of additional accumulation. we have already had a couple of inches in and around the area. but boston you put that at 22.8, that puts you at your fifth snowest snow storm ever. right in that range of one of their biggest storms that they have ever seen. shep? >> shepard: you know, these two storm systems colliding, one the canadian sort of storm and the other a gulf sort of storm. tell me how that happens and how often. >> it's not all that uncommon when you get these two storms. what doesn't happen all that often is where the two storms phase together at the exact same time. and i have to tell you, we had thought this storm would phase together kind of at that perfect time. i think we are actually delayed by an hour or two and that might cause a little bit of weakness, at least on the western side. so, places like new york, where the models have been
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having that hard time deciding is it 30 inches or is it three inches? well, i think these have phased together a little bit later than anticipate and that might keep the snow totals down just a little bit. but, keep them still very very high across eastern new england. it's not uncommon, shepard, to get that that's kind of a typical thing that we see very often with these nor'easters. >> shepard: looks like u.p.s. is still running. i was watching fox a and they were saying how lucky we are it was 35 or 36 degrees today so much of the snow we would have gotten would have washed away. they are thinking we could have had 5 or 6 inches that went into the sewers. >> they do go out and measure it. sweep it off and start the measuring again. what ends up being the final number for it might actually not be what you go out tomorrow morning and see because they they have swept it off and a lot of it melts and runs away. a lot of it wasn't just rain it was that slushy icy stuff that accumulates and gets very slick on a lot of the roads.
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that's why once we get this snow falling in the next hour or two on top of that and the temps plummeting we will have ice and then snow on top of it. that makes the roads very tough. >> shepard: the big problem in boston, rick as you know the streets are so narrow. there is just nowhere to put it what does the weather look like for monday morning commute. >> most of the area is briefly going to warm up to well above freezing 40-degree mark for much of the day monday. that much snow is going to take longer to get rid of. you said it those streets are old cow paths how they built most of those roads in boston. they are very very narrow. you get 2 feet of snow, three feet of snow there. you try to shuffle it and move it some place. there is no place to put it and there is no place to put it. causes major problems in boston area. >> shepard: big problem with the blizzard is the surge that forecasters say it will bring. up to 7-foot storm surge in certain areas. expected those still recovering from super storm sandy. our team fox coverage
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continues with the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt. is he way down in the tip of manhattan, battery park in lower manhattan. that got flooded during the super storm. how are we looking down there, jonathan? >> well, shep, in terms of snow we are not too bad right now. it's picked up a little bit over the last 30 minutes or so. as you can see still really only a dusts of snow at the most an inch at its thickest right. >> now the storm surge is a big concern across the entire region. now, take a look at these figures. these are the sort of storm surge figures we are expecting. and those expects expected to hit its height right about now. long island will be the hardest hit in terms of the storm surge. across this region, of course, where this is hitting, all of these areas were so badly affected by super storm sandy, many people not yet back in their homes in these areas trying to rebuild. this snow, this storm surge, these winds, none of that is going to help them. this is misery on top of
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misery, shep. for a lot of the victims of super storm sandy now having to face up to this huge snow storm. >> shepard: from the updates i have been watching all day, jonathan from the mayor's office and beyond, it looks like new york city at least is pretty well prepared. >> mayor michael bloomberg certainly says new york city is very well prepared. he says they have all the plow trucks available. all the salt that they need available. all the salt trucks to put that salt on to the roads. and he says nobody should be panicking about anything this time around. least of all, gas shortages as we saw in the wake of super storm sandy. listen to the mayor. >> there is no need to panic buying of gas for your cars. all indications are the gas supply is plentiful and distributed -- deliveries will not be disrupted. >> but it appears not everybody is listening to that. a lot of people in this area as you well know, shep, have awful memories of waiting
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hours online for week after week after week in the wake of super storm sandy and we're already hearing reports from across this region that there are gas shortages. some gas stations running out. mayor bloomberg says that's not a problem. it might be a problem just for a couple of days. getting the tankers to the gas stations but they will top them off. on top of this though he says everybody should be careful. this is not super storm sandy, but that does not mean it cannot hurt and it cannot kill. the mayor says the best advice for everybody tonight, stay home, watch a movie, eat whatever you have got in the kitchen, just stay at home, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt in lower manhattan, we will have continuing coverage of the northeast blizzard, including a look at how some stranded travelers are dealing with this massive storm. we're live in boston coming up. plus, police are now giving an update on the manhunt for a former police officer accused of targeting cops in california. he has killed repeatedly, has a manifesto in which he
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promises he will kill many more. thousands are on the hunt. where they think he could be headed now. that's coming up next from the journalists of fux fox news on this snow apocalypse edition of "the fox report." ah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>> shepard: a live look now this is scituate, massachusetts, we are continuing to cover this storm bearing down on new england about to hit new york city in the next hours. we will have snow all night long. continuing coverage through the this first alert forecast. investigators wrapped up a news conference on the manhunt for that accused cop killer in california. they found the suspect's truck burning yesterday at big bear lake. they are searching on foot and will all night. investigators just informed us they think it's possible the suspect is still in the area.
4:17 pm
again, possible. big bear is a ski resort area. the sheriff says there are lots of empty homes where a fugitive could hide. >> it's about 8 square miles is what we are searching, there is about 200 empty cabins that we're going to check one by one. >> 33-year-old christopher dorner already killed three people and has a hit list of dozens more. investigators tell us is he a former cop apparently out for revenge after the l.a.p.d. fired him a few years ago. police say one of his victims was this woman, monica quan whose father represented are the suspect when he fought to keep his job. according to investigators, dorner shot and killed kwan and her fiance on sunday night in irvine, california, then shot three police officers yesterday in riverside, killing one of them. police say he also fired at two other cops who pulled him over yesterday in corona, grazing one officer's head. alicia acuna is live at police headquarters in los angeles. we saw some action at the home of one of suspect's mother
4:18 pm
today. >> that's right, shep. police in irvine, california just wrapped up osearch of his mother's home which is also his last known residence, according to police. officers could be seen taking out small items in bags, as well as a laptop. dorner's mother and sister insi. police say they are being cooperative. >> we were looking for anything to lead us to his whereabouts and anything connected with the crimes. i don't know specifically what was taken. but whatever it was taken, it will be thoroughly annualized back at our police department. >> and deputies up near big bear lake say that dorner's mother actually owns a parcel of land in that area. no home in that area has been searched as home, shep? >> shepard: now we are hearing the los angeles police department is back on tack tactical alert what does that mean? >> all hands on deck. all the l.a.p.d. police officers are on duty right now. i spoke with a law enforcement official today who explained that the reason they went back on full tactical alert is because of the heavy amount of
4:19 pm
calls coming. in people who have sightings and tip all about dorner how also protective detail remains on the 40 officers who were listed on that hit list. in the manifesto by dorner. >> shepard: a hacker targeting the family of president bush 41 and bush 43 and reportedly getting into some personal messages and photos. that's next. and a live report from the state where the monster blizzard has the governor making it illegal to be on the roads. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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this is from the blizzard
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center that shows you where the winter warnings. it's been a long time since new york city has had a viable blizzard warning. a number of factors have to come together. sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. snow falling at 2 inches an hour and one more thing, oh, it has to last for three hours. that's the definition of a blizzard and they tell us it's going to come. the thinking was it would be in new york city about an hour and a half ago. instead, they are thinking it's now about an hour and a half away. the bulk of the storm for the big city all night long and early morning, for boston all night long and into the early afternoon. epic snow fall for boston is predicted shall see a hacker broke into the personal email accounts of the bush family. getting ahold of photographs even the security code to george w. bush's home in texas according to the smoking gun web site. the secret service tells fox news it is investigating the
4:24 pm
security breach and doug mckelway is reporting on it from washington tonight. >> hack of emails belonging to several members of the bush family and close friends of theirs is not just a violation of their privacy because security threat and a serious crime. what we know is that someone using the online alias gooseicer online bush family foghts. all of this the criminal hacked for the purpose of hosting the stolen stuff. among the emails bush friend hilliard hemingway the hacking episode is quote unbelievable. very sad he said. he said he was horrified to hear that this had happened. he added the secret service wants access to his computer to aid them in their ongoing investigation. the hacker said he obtained some of the emails by accessing the email of dorothy bush cook. later telephoned by the smoking gun responded why would someone do this in the penalties are very stiff. the college student who hacked and posted emails to then v.p. candidate sarah palin was sentenced to a year in jail.
4:25 pm
also wrote according to the smoking gun that the feds began investigating him a long time ago. and that he has hacked hundreds of accounts. he appeared not to be worried about the secret service writing, quote: i have an old game with the blank bastards inside. this is just another chapter in the game. shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway in washington tonight. doug, thank you. a live look in new york city. this is the relative calm before the bulk of the storm. though the snow is falling a little bit. nothing that new york city can't take care of. a thousand plows around the city, waiting, and in addition 250,000 tons of salt. he won't allow us to eat it, but apparently you can still put it on the road. continuing coverage of this potentially historic weather system and in boston where public transportation has shut down. officials have urged everyone it to stay off the roads. where it is illegal to drive now and into the early morning hours. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news
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>> shepard: police by the thousands searching for that accused cop killer in california say they could be walking into a trap. swat teams combing all over big bear, the ski resort where chris dorner's truck turned up in flames yesterday. investigators say the former cop and navy reservist knows exactly what he is doing. they fear now or the big fear they say is that the truck was some sort of diversion, maybe
4:30 pm
even bait to lure police to that scene. the heavy snow up in the mountains have been piling up all day, likely burying any new evidence that could be out there. one former new york city cop and wilderness expert to boot says the bad weather will play into the suspect's favor. i talked to him on "studio b." >> if you are the suspect and you are hunkered down on the mountain dan, you don't care if it snows 12 inches or 36 inches. what that snowfall does is for the people trying to track him it makes it harder for them to move around, right? they have to worry about hypothermia and worry about their gear getting wet and heavier. if they are not trained to hike around on those mountains it's a bigger threat to the searchers than it would be to the suspect. >> with each our passing and no sign of that suspect, police admit they don't know if dorner is on that mountain at all a. dominic di-natale is live in big bear with the latest. dominic, what's happening now? >> >> we have just had a briefing from the sheriff's department about what has been happening today. the ground search teams are due back in the next couple of
4:31 pm
hours and they will be staying here for the 90. won't be like last night where they were out all night with the sniffer dogs trying to follow the tracks. that's not happening tonight at all. part of it is due to the weather. the part of the fact the longer he is gone the more difficult it is. spent all day trying to go through up to 200 cabins high up on the mountains today. been slow going, you know, one cabin is six miles from another in one case where there is a report of a door being kicked. in turned out that was an old damage to the property that was a wasted journey. tomorrow the police department is saying that they will start again early about 7:00 a.m. and they have smaller numbers it appears doing the searching. it's very tough going really it appears that things are slowing down possibly because the sheriff's department is running out of ideas what to do, shep. >> shepard: dominic di-natale big bear lake outside of los angeles, thanks. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and a live look at the scene
4:32 pm
right now worcester, massachusetts warning from devol patrick stay home. governor ordered the folks off the road by 4:00 p.m. first such ban in 35 years. it applies to all nonessential vehicles. break it, and you could face up to a year in jail and a $500 fine. first alert forecasters say 2 to 3 feet of snow could fall in many parts of that state. the worst of this potentially historic blizzard is now just a couple of hours from eastern new england. they say folks should expect pelting snow, winds at up to 75 miles per hour. flooding, and a storm surge pounding the coast. the entire region under alert tonight and tomorrow. molly line is our new england based correspondent and is live in boston for us tonight. it appears people are taking governor patrick's warning very seriously.
4:33 pm
>> absolutely. about the last two hours or so. well after that 4:00 ban, the traffic has definitely dropped off. all the nonessential people across the state to stay home, keep out of this storm, so if you are not a plow driver or someone involved with emergency response, a firefighter, those are the types of people we have seen out on the road ways at this hour. the wind has gotten so much stronger. it would really be difficult driving weather. can you look here. this is the highway, the expressway leading out of the city. there is virtually no traffic at this hour. just every once in a while we see a car cruising down here very very slowly. essentially the authorities are asking people to stay off the roads because they don't want additional problems. beyond the ones they are already facing. don't want running around chasing accidents or people slid off in ditches. asking everyone to stay inside and stay out of this big mess. another thing that they are watching are the coastal communities. high tied is at 10:00 p.m. tonight. we could see a little more coastal flooding. keeping a close eye on that. here is what the governor devol patrick had to say about it earlier today. >> listen to directions from
4:34 pm
public officials. if you are in a coastal area, for example, and you are advised or instructed to evacuate, do so and do so quickly. because water will rise or can rise quite quickly. >> the has also called in the national guard to be ready for this storm. a large number about 1,000 tonight. additional folks will be on staff tomorrow. to respond to this storm. we're getting accounts now, also, of some sporadic power outages beginning to happen. and that's likely continue to crease overnight as the storm intensifies. it's expected to get the big dump of snow from about 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 in the morning. the wind really intensified in the coming hours as well. those numbers are expected to go up. >> shepard: i keep fearing you are about to tip over our blue snow bunny. what's the plan for tomorrow? >> well, they are going to have to wait until the snow essentially comes to a close. it is expected to taper off in the late morning hours into
4:35 pm
the afternoon. they will be able to assess just what the situation is they are dealing with. with snow that's heavy and a lot all at once and these big winds, they say they could see a lot of pour outages. for the safety of the utility workers involved. they want daylight to come around before they will be able to start too clean things up and really assess the damage. also, they are asking people that are going out to look at the snow. it's going to be a beautiful day. people are going to want to go out and play with the kids in the snow. it's a weekend. asking people to be very careful. going to be big drifts. a foot of snow. you don't normally see snow. downed wires and debris underneath the snow. they are asking people to be careful with areas particularly if you are unfamiliar with where you are headed. >> historically one thing becausetonians seem to be proud of is the fact that they can get snow out thereof mighty fast. the streets are so narrow i heard the mayor warning today we don't know how long it's going to be. >> exactly. and there is always a parking ban in these type of snow. they say we don't want people
4:36 pm
to park in certain places. people have to find a place to put their car. and where to pile up all this snow. they have to wait for some of that to be cleared up. it's going to be a big mess. it's going to be a big mess. fortunately it is a weekend. not a big morning commute to worry about. none of that in a sense we have been a little bit fortunate. we will wait to see. this storm is far from over. >> shepard: if you have got to have is a snow apocalypse friday night is the time for it. molly, i know during hurricanes and the like ally hi. they don't let emergency officials go out to try to save people who weren't supposed to be out on the roads in the first place. is that sort of situation in place tonight? >> i mean, there is no guarantee that they wouldn't come and help but they have asked people, you know, hours and hours ago, they were saying, you know, we would really like people off the roads by noon and then they buckled counsel and said get off of these roads by 4:00. if you are in those coastal communities and warned to leave you should have already left. they have been doing everything they can. even before the day before the
4:37 pm
storm. the day before the day before. to warn people this was coming and this was going to be a big storm. and they have asked them, you know, this isn't just but and your safety. this is about the safety of our people, about the first responders. so hopefully people have heeded those warnings. you know, no guarantees that someone wouldn't, you know, graciously try to come out and help you if you were really in trouble. but they really tried to get people to not get into those situations in the first place. shep? >> shepard: it looks like they are cooperating. molly, thanks a lot. the big difference between this and 1978 storm is back then they didn't have -- well, they had a little bit of warning but the storm came later and they certainly didn't have all these days to get prepared if they have all across this region. let's get back to our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. look at that lull in the storm and what is causing -- what's that causing in the norksz area. how is that shaping up there, rick? >> there is a little bit of a break back just to the west of new york city. don't think that that doesn't mean the snow has stopped because it's about to get going. you bring up a very he great point, shep. nowadays we have got a much better handle, at least first
4:38 pm
alert forecasting these things days out. maybe not the specifics of exactly who is going to see and how much. but we know a storm like this is coming. that really allows hopefully for lives to be saved. that's what the intention is of all of this. and allows people to kind of, you know, protect their property and all those sorts of things. i changed the color table on this because i wanted to show you something here. but the snow and the blues. you see the dark blue there, that's incredibly heavy snowfall rates. we are seeing that now parts of connecticut and down across the eastern tip of long island. you are not even in those incredible snowfall rates just yet. can you take a look at that picture out of boston. you see that snow, it's going to get stronger and the wind is going to get stronger as well. that little break you are talking about right there, that is the last little bit of these two storms that are going to be coming together. that process is almost done. as it does, we will see the storm we call it bomb out. it's bombo genesis. the storm gets strengthened very very quickly. we will see the storm increase
4:39 pm
and the wind go up. these kind of images that you are seeing there we are not at all seeing the worst of it take a look at these dark blues, those are pin wheeling back towards new york. right as that last piece of energy moves in towards the area. i think within the next hour and hour and a half we will see the snow really begin here and pretty significant snowfall totals overnight. this is additional snowfall that we'll see. about 7 inches in new york. but these numbers that you see here right around the boston area, 21 up in handover. 23 in worcester and 23 in taunton. they have already seen between 6 and 8 inches of snow. that will be right on top of that. that puts us in 30-inch plus range. those are a few of the towns that i picked up. definitely towards worcester. you get those winds coming. you get that little bit of elevation that gives it that little extra lift. that's why they see likely the highest snowfall totals around there. >> shepard: you don't think of a storm surge woofn issue with the storm. there is a real possibility of low lying flooding? >> yeah.
4:40 pm
actually, a very real possibility. we could see major flooding. especially along these shores right here. because we have a very long period of winds that are coming either out of the northwest or northeast or the east and all of that water funnels up right here. we are going to see 3 to 5-foot storm surge. maybe up to 20 feet. all of that crashes in here and so many beach communities right here on the coastal areas of massachusetts not to mention cape cod and the islands. we are going to see a lot of problems and destruction from that. a lot of these images that you see from nor'easters, historical nor'easters those are the kind of pictures i think we are likely going to see maybe record breaking conditions. nantucket already a wind of 59 miles per hour. and this is just the beginning of it i'm sure we are going to see something over hurricane force. >> shepard: i hate to pour salt in a wound. there is another storm after this. >> really active weather pattern going on. i'm glad you brought this up. out across the west right now. rain and snow in southern
4:41 pm
california. i want to bring this up because people we are talking so much about this storm. a couple things to watch this weekend. a blizzard watch in effect across the northern plains. we might see 12 to 18 inches of snow here. sunday into sunday night across parts of nebraska and dakotas and minnesota. that same storm brings a severe weather threat. saturday, a chance of tornadoes across west texas and parts of oklahoma. sunday, down across parts of the deep south tornado threat as well. and then for the northeast, right where we are here, shep, their models are indicating a thursday storm, another nor'easter. >> shepard: hey, rick, it's 78 in boca raton going to 82 in naples tomorrow. >> let's go. >> shepard: you can't go, sadly. continuing coverage of this snow apocalypse including look at how travelers are trying to get around thousands and thousands and thousands of flights cancelled. folks stranded in pretty tough conditions. that and the rest of the night's news coming right up. wa.
4:42 pm
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4:45 pm
shep' the enormous winter storm slamming the northeast means traveling by road is difficult by road rail or air. >> i was in the other airport jfk they rebooked me and sent me over here. i got over here and they said this one is cancelled. i would much rather be home for the weekend but no point letting my blood pressure rise over something like this. got to roll with it new york is not the best place in the world to be stuck for a day. >> shepard: flight airlines have cancelled 3200 flights today alone. more than 1300 for tomorrow already. jamie colby has a look for us outside our headquarters here at 48th street and sixth avenue. avenue of the americas. we're in a bit of a lull. >> well, i don't know in the last 15 minutes, shepard, i would say that it's picked up a bit definitely if the temperature drops it's going to get icy and dangerous.
4:46 pm
folks at the airport but it doesn't seem like they are going anywhere. even though all three tri-state headquarters jfk laguardia and newark airports remain open. not having many flights going and out. many of those flights cancelled could have impact for days tom cop. most travelers are taking it in stride. >> my flight back to north carolina was supposed to be at 7:00 p.m., got cancelled completely. i'm not quite sure when the next one is going to be going to have to see what happened. some tried to outsmart it like the sound bite you played going to from one airport to another there weren't many alternatives to that because amtrak as well shut down most of its service earlier in the day. >> shepard: not a whole lot of options. more road closings later tonight? >> it's interesting that massachusetts statewide ban as you said makes it illegal to be on the roads. i-95 big portion of shut down on rivmentd earlier today in maine they had a 19 car
4:47 pm
pileup. fortunately only minor injuries. i don't know what else you need as a warning to stay off the road. look here, shepard. even though the snow has been coming down all day, people are walking and driving and the governor declared a state of emergency and basically said if you don't have what you need by now. don't get it for new yorkers this is nothing. something is on the way. it looks like we are about an hour away from this promised snow apocalypse. if not that would be nice. >> a record breaker. >> shepard: you can see how the storm on the right there is the one that it has come up from the south. that's the one with all the moisture in it. you can see how those bands are coming around. the colored bands there right along the coast. just like a hurricane does. you know it's a low pressure centered. rotating counterclockwise and those feared bands are coming in from the ocean. over on the left you see the break in the middle. over on the left is that artic force coming and combining. when they combine and hit together that the bottom is
4:48 pm
going to drop out and lee lease all of that water. 2 inches an hour in some places, 4 inches an hour in other places. hopefully you are not out in that at least 50 people are killed when a packed bus collides with other vehicles. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. zam bea officials say an suv tried to pass that bus as it carried mail and passengers to the capital city of lusaki. the suv crashed head on with a semi sending that truck into the bus' path rescuered worked to pull survivors from the wreckage. hundreds of people homeless after torrential rains, heavy hail and lightning storms slammed a desert town in the north. floods reportedly damaged or destroyed some 150 homes. emergency officials have set up shelters for victims.
4:49 pm
brazil carnival officially kicking off. the mayor handed over the keys of the city to the iconic king of the festival. leading up to the start of lent set to include massive parades, musician and some ba dances. japan, one french restaurant in tokyo now offering dirt cuisine. the award winning chef says he only uses the most cleanest chemical free soil for dishes like dirt and soil sorbet. six course dirt meal costs about 100 bucks a person. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: dirt, that's ridiculous. some power crews standing by in massachusetts with a long night and morning ahead as the
4:50 pm
monster blizzard bears down. latest on potentially record setting storm coming up. using robotics and mobile technology, verizon innovators have made it possible for teachers to teach, and for a kid... nathan. tadpole. ... to feel like a kid again. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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>> shepard: three weeks from tonight americans will start feeling the pain of automatic spending cuts. that's the warning from the white house. it's the fallout from the fiscal cliff deal which only delayed the cuts until march the 1st. if lawmakers fail to cut a new deal, the white house says the feds would have to furlough hundreds of thousands of workers. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight. how bad do officials say this will be for the military. >> in if you listen to the military, really bad. >> instead of a first rate power in the world second rated power that would be the result of sequester. >> you won't hear this chairman arguing we need to do more with less.
4:54 pm
if that happens we need to do less with less. >> the real problem is as the u.s. and allies. adversaries are doing opposite. russia will surpass defense spending in just two years. china is slated to overtake the u.s. in 2035, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, analysts are saying that the u.s. defense budget is still larger than the next 13 countries combined. how in the world could this make us a second rate power? if is six times larger than china's official defense spending. >> you have seen double digit a increases in chinese defense spending for more years now. that should not only give pause to the united states but it really should be a source of concern for the countries in the region as well others argue is he success strays is bad not the end of the world. >> spending 40 cents out of
4:55 pm
every dollar to 38 cents out of every dollar. you decline but not by this massive amount. >> congress has as you mentioned until march 1st to decide what to do, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks. as a powerful winter storm closes in on the northeast. some are stepping out to brave the cold and snowy conditions including baby loker in new jersey. eliza is bundle up before senior producer mom realizes the blizzard is too nasty. to the fox weather center for the latest. there are changes. get to rick reichmuth for that just ahead. and en treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero hearurn. ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket.
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after this one as well. take a look at this snowfall, shep, right here that dark color right there it's incredibly heavy snow. 3 inches an hour here falling across central and eastern parts of long island. i think if we're going to adjust our snowfall totals, it's probably going to be towards higher, maybe well over a foot in the eastern end of long island and then maybe that 6 to 12 inches back towards new york city. but we have not got that snow moving in there heavier snow moving back towards boston. that picture there out of newton, massachusetts. obviously a lot of snow falling across that area in newton just off towards the west of the boston area a lot of places. take look at these temperatures. tomorrow night, the wind chill 7:00 p.m. 11:00 here in new york. three in boston. go during the overnight hours and temps are really going to plummet. we are going to be talking about up minus 4. minus 6 is what it is going to feel like sunday morning and think about all that snow that maybe will melt just from people bei o

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